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Shelves Tech can save lawyers money and space

Advocate Rajiv from Rajiv & associates Delhi has an almost paperless law office. He achieved the closed to-zero-paper state when starting a solo (now two-lawyer) practice in Delhi Tees Hazari courts, by digitizing all practice-related documents he had from his previous work with a bigger firm. “It made sense to scan and digitize right out of the gate,” says Advocate Rajiv. “The only paper in my office is incoming. The rest is stored in the server.” I can search, retrieve and view any time and day according to my requirements. This not only save my time although provide flexibility of time in my busy schedule to have a look at the case filings during my travel. To do the initial scanning, he chose Shelves Tech service that uses optical character recognition technology. OCR scanning was necessary, According to Advocate Rajiv, because many of his documents were handwritten, and this method provides editable and searchable documents. Cost per scanned page is less than a rupee, for a legal and A4 size paper depending on size and paper or (wrinkled or onion-skin and handwritten pages cost more).

All of his digitized documents are accessible on his Phone and Pad. Hard copies, if required, can be made easily.

“His staff now does the scanning because it’s not as difficult to handle on a daily basis,”. The documents are managed with a Document management software program Initially he was worried about record scanning disrupting the daily operations of their practice however our flexible solutions enables scanning can be done on- or off-site, and scanning time can be cut by reducing the numbers of opportunities for human intervention—and thus the potential for errors. We can shred unwanted originals or can keep the desired documents in our warehouses, and the digitized documents can be stored in our Document management system, which can be locally hosted, archived in the cloud or a combination of both. However, he recommended storage on local computers which saved him lot of cost of cloud storage and data movement on internet for security purposes. “The key to efficient digitizing is the scanner and expert operators. “It’s got to handle a decent amount of paper at a time and be able to scan both sides.” Lawyers contemplating doing their digitizing in-house, therefore, are well-advised to invest in a good scanner with the capabilities mentioned above.